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Using ddclient with DNSdynamic

Filed under Tips by support on 26-06-2011

ddclient is an excellent free perl dynamic DNS client that can be used to keep your DNS hostname updated with your current public IP. If you have a dynamic IP from your ISP, using ddclient can let you run a web server on your connection and make sure that DNS is always kept up to date with your current IP address.

DNSdynamic supports the dyndns2 protocol that ddclient can be configured to use. Configuration is simple, if you have created your DNSdynamic account and have created your domain you can use the following ddclient.conf to keep your IP updated.

daemon=60                               # check every 300 seconds
syslog=yes                              # log update msgs to syslog
mail=root                               # mail all msgs to root
mail-failure=root                       # mail failed update msgs to root
pid=/var/run/ddclient.pid               # record PID in file.
ssl=yes                                 # use ssl-support.  Works with
# ssl-library
use=web, web=myip.dnsdynamic.com        # get ip from server.
server=www.dnsdynamic.org               # default server
login=user@gmail.com                # default login
password=password              # default password
server=www.dnsdynamic.org,              \
protocol=dyndns2                        \

You should replace the login, password settings with your own email and password that you have created at DNSdynamic. You also need to change the last line in the config file which is the domain that you would like kept up to date. Good luck, if you need any support please feel free to contact us!

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