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Even more free domains!

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We have just added a further 5 domains to www.dnsdynamic.org. They are;


Sign up now and start using these free domains!

4 New Domains Added

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Today we added 4 new free domains to www.dnsdynamic.org. They are;





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New DNSdynamic Windows Client

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Today after many requests from users we are releasing a new Windows client that can run in the background of your PC without any user interaction.

The new client is configured by a small ini file that should be placed in the same directory as the DNSdynamic.exe file. The ini file should be named dnsdynamic.ini.

Many users have requested the ability to have the client start automatically when their system has booted. Using DNSdynamic.exe and the Windows Scheduled Tasks this is extremely easy. You simply create a new Scheduled Task to run at System Startup selecting the DNSdynamic.exe as the program to start. DNSdynamic.exe will launch as soon as your PC starts, you don’t even have to login.

You can find the DNSdynamic.exe client here.

Dynamic DNS – no additional software needed!

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Today DNSdynamic has launched its new webclient.


You no longer have to install additional software on your PC or server to keep your domains up to date. Simply use your existing browser with our new webclient.

Dynamic DNS on your own domain

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DNSdynamic will now allow you to transfer your own domains to their DNS servers for free. This means you can enable dynamic DNS on the domains of your choice. If you are interested then sign up for an account at DNSdynamic and select the transfer option.

How to test if your dynamic DNS client is working

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A common issue people have when using dynamic DNS clients is how to test if they’re really working. Do you have to wait until your public IP address expires and a new one is re issued by DHCP?

Well the answer to this question is most definitely NO! Using the free PPTP VPN service from www.pptpvpn.biz you can force your public IP address to change on demand. You MUST make sure that all traffic is routed down the VPN for this to work. This is the default setting for most common platforms.

Follow these simple steps to prove for certain that your client is working.

1.) Configure your VPN

Your DNSdynamic email address and password will work with www.pptpvpn.biz. To setup your VPN log in to www.pptpvpn.biz NS obtain your VPN credentials. Then follow one of the guides linked from www.pptpvpn.biz/help.php to configure the VPN on your platform.

2.) Check your public IP address

Now start up your Dynamic DNS client, and then visit the web page myip.dnsdynamic.org to check what your public IP address is.

3.) Check your DNSdynamic domain is resolving

You can now use an online DNS lookup tool to check that your registered domain correctly points to your public IP address. A nice and easy tool can be found here;


4.) Change you public IP address

Now to force your public IP address to change, which will trigger your dynamic DNS client to update DNS, sign in to the PPTP VPN.

5.) Check you have a different public IP address

You can now check your public IP address again from  myip.dnsdynamic.org you should observe it is now different. It will be displaying the IP address of the VPN server.

6.) Check that DNS is resolving to your new public IP address

Again using the same DNS lookup tool as in step 3 check that DNS was updated and that it now points to your new IP address.

7.) Disconnect from the VPN

Now disconnect from the VPN, after 60 seconds your domain should be updated again to point back to your original ( and current ) public IP address.

DNSdynamic Supported Dynamic DNS Clients

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We need your help to identify what hardware and software dynamic DNS clients work with www.dnsdynamic.org.

If you are using a client that is not listed on our compatibility page then we’d love to hear from you.

Please send us your success stories by email to support@dnsdynamic.org or post replies to this blog entry. Thank YOU!

6 new domains

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Today we’ve added 6 new domains to our free DNS services, they are;







Start using these domains now at DNSdynamic!

Using ddclient with DNSdynamic

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ddclient is an excellent free perl dynamic DNS client that can be used to keep your DNS hostname updated with your current public IP. If you have a dynamic IP from your ISP, using ddclient can let you run a web server on your connection and make sure that DNS is always kept up to date with your current IP address.

DNSdynamic supports the dyndns2 protocol that ddclient can be configured to use. Configuration is simple, if you have created your DNSdynamic account and have created your domain you can use the following ddclient.conf to keep your IP updated.

daemon=60                               # check every 300 seconds
syslog=yes                              # log update msgs to syslog
mail=root                               # mail all msgs to root
mail-failure=root                       # mail failed update msgs to root
pid=/var/run/ddclient.pid               # record PID in file.
ssl=yes                                 # use ssl-support.  Works with
# ssl-library
use=web, web=myip.dnsdynamic.com        # get ip from server.
server=www.dnsdynamic.org               # default server
login=user@gmail.com                # default login
password=password              # default password
server=www.dnsdynamic.org,              \
protocol=dyndns2                        \

You should replace the login, password settings with your own email and password that you have created at DNSdynamic. You also need to change the last line in the config file which is the domain that you would like kept up to date. Good luck, if you need any support please feel free to contact us!

DNSdynamic free domains

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